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Oct 2 2012, 12:14 PM
camera shy
Oct 2 2012, 11:59 AM
Oct 2 2012, 11:52 AM
Spoilers from SoapsSheKnows:
-Nicole is furious about seeing Dannifer together, and rushes to the hospital to destroy the evidence of her most recent visit. She and Dan plan to move to Utah, since Daniel quits. Nicole gets into a huge clash with Jennifer and considers stabbing her. Jennifer and her get into a fight where Nicole falls down the stairs. Nicole blames her for forcing her into labor, where she gives birth to a stillborn baby boy. Billie and Brady tells the police he heard the women arguing when Nicole fell, and Jennifer is arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.

-Sami and Rafe kiss, but run into EJ on their date. She asks Rafe to tell him the truth of the paternity secret. He doesn't, but she is willing to keep the child from EJ. Rafe does end up telling Sami that he forgive her for her tryst with EJ.

-Caroline worries her family. Kayla tests her and realizes she has Alzheimer's. Her family will be there for her.
-Bo wants to travel the world, but Hope isn't too keen on the idea, and Caroline gives him second thoughts.
-Kate gives Nick an offer. Then, Chad advises her to let go of Stefano.
-Abby wants to uncover the truth about Melanie's sudden departure.
-Stefano tries from Europe to reach out to EJ. When EJ declines, Stefano calls Kristen for assistance.
-Jennifer tells Billie about her frustration with Nicole. She also confronts Nicole-again-for ruining Daniel's life.
-Jennifer vows in front of Brady to take down Nicole.
-Sami and Rafe share yet another passionate kiss.

I'm glad to see Safe together, and also glad to see Jennifer suffer. Still, this show has gone to crap.
Who the hell would care about anything but your baby after getting news like that? You sure wouldn't rush back to destroy all of your medical records. Although I thought Sami should have the good sense to go out and find The Day After Pill after the griefsex.
I think the whole point is that Nicole is not in her right mind. She even said way back when she found out she was pregnant that she went crazy the last time she lost the baby and was afraid of it happening again. And it looks like it will. Last time she faked a pregnancy. This time she fakes a miscarriage (or at least the cause of the miscarriage).

The lesson being -- Nicole should never be pregnant. She's much more entertaining when she's not.
I found Nicole very entertaining until her sexcapades on the office desk with Dr.Dan.Its been pretty much all downhill since that dark day.I shudder even thinking about.
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