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Blaming Sami for helping 3 other people keep the baby a secret is interesting since Nicole herself doesn't want EJ to know either. So that's Rafe, Dan, and Sami all helping Nicole. Face it, Nicole is the reason EJ doesn't know he's the father because it was her plan to keep him from his child all along. Whether Sami boinked him last year is irrelevant. Nicole started this whole thing in motion when she found out she was pregnant. Her hurt feelings over EJ sleeping with Sami is the reason EJ doesn't know, period. Safe are back together and if the psycho wants to leave Sami alone he's welcome to do so any minute now. But he insists on being a pest like he was since 2006 and can't stand it when Sami chooses not to be with him. That's his problem not Sami's, lol. And if Nicole wants to tell EJ the truth, she's welcome to. I don't see anyone stopping her since it is completely her decision.
If Nicole chose to tell EJ now she'd be putting both Rafe and Dan at risk because they are both duplicitous in switching/covering up the switch of the paternity test. So it's really not as cut and dry as you've stated.
Yes, but now that Daniel has quit, and Sami has made it clear that she only wants Rafe, what can EJ do?
Daniel still has a medical license that could be suspended/revoked and I' m reasonably sure EJ would have grounds for a civil suit against him and/the hospital.
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