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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the week of October 8th

Oct 2 2012, 02:45 PM
Haven't posted in a while because this show is so bad it's painful to be around. Just wanted to say that, like some others, I'm starting to think maybe the writers aren't going to go with Dannifer. Sure, there will probably be more junk scenes like this week, but I think they'll eventually have Jennifer and Brady spending more time together. Unfortunately, I think the writers will also have Abigail and Brady drawn to each other and we'll have Brady at the center of a mother-daughter triangle. I'm not advocating this, mind you. But I could see these writers going there.

Perhaps by February, we'll see Jennifer finding out about her daughter's true feelings and she'll decide to step aside to clear the way for Brady and Abigail -- and leave Salem.

MR's contract was technically up for renewal last month, and we've heard nothing about any decision to renew/extend. I get the strong sense she would like to leave. But perhaps she agreed to stick around for a few months at Meng's/Corday's request.

The writers have taken the destruction of Jennifer's character -- that they started in 2010 and that MarDar exacerbated -- to new lows. TPTB would have to be pretty obtuse not to see that. So they either are incredibly obtuse or they don't care -- or some combination of the two. Too sad.

I would rather have Vivian,Quinn the pimp/spa manager,Carrie with/without Austin,Dario,anyone comeback then continue with Jennifer as she has been and is currently being written.If she wants to leave, write a quick exit and let her go.I cannot stand to see her running after Dan and spewing all kinds of nastiness at Nicole.
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