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I'm so glad you posted that. I just remembered that today was the 20th anniversary of Charlie's last regular appearance and was going to post the same scenes. They really are a nice reminder of what Shane and Kim had, but they always frustrate me with how badly the last few years of their time on the show was written. I also really hate that it seems like the writers gave Shane a bit of a bum's rush out of Salem. He basically gets these little scenes with the family and one scene with Roman (Wayne Northrop). And while the circumstances of Shane's departure are quite different, it's hard not to compare to the long farewells that Steve got two years earlier and Isabella gets only a few weeks later. After an eight-year run as one of the most prominent characters on the show, it just seemed like they could have written his departure as something more permanent to at least give him a reason to have final scenes with characters like Bo, John, and Marlena.

On the other hand, there are two good things. At least Shane got some type of goodbye and not the Don Craig/Neil Curtis write-off (or even the last scene in the Salem PD file room like he got on his last run). And this sequence at least addressed something that I hated during the Kim/Phillip relationship -- how everyone seemed to treat Phillip as a replacement father to Andrew and Jeannie. They even had Andrew calling Phillip his "new dad" in front of a bunch of people, without anyone correcting him. After everything that Shane went through with his kids -- not believing he was Andrew's or Jeannie's father for the first years of their lives and not knowing about Eve until she was a teen -- the idea that he would just be okay with someone else taking his place was really out-of-character.
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