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:'( WOW all the way around - I think right now that the loser's in this whole storyline are the viewers.

Jennifer just like every other vet that has come back has been ruined, the legacy of the character from when she left to when she returned due to horrific writing, feel sorry for her as well as Jack who was sacraficed for this crapfest.

Daniel truly has been a man whore since arriving in Salem and the writers continue to make him this way, he is unrootable as a hero yet just like another unrootable wannabe hero they are UNABLE to pull it off.

Nicole another victim to not being favored by the great Tom/Sell character has been butched beyond belief since the first reset with MAr/DAr all for the sake of giving one fanbase crumbs of hope and now Tom/Sell are taking that away to make EJ again the sacrafice to SAFE the annointed couple of Day's

Ironically the writers have succeeded in one thing making villians rootable and good guys despised, if that is their intent they've done a great job. But somehow I don't think thatis what they are going for which makes them as stated before BAD WRITERS.

Worst part in all this is that Day's insist on taping so far ahead, that whatever mess that is playing out on screen now they are stuck with, can't fix if they do try and fix it it comes across out of left field because the storylines are too far past it. Again BAD WRITERS who can't turn mis-steps in the storyline into decent story telling to fix the problem.

At this point all three character have done stupid horrific things that make me as usual disgusted with Day's and TPTB who wonder why their ratings are in the toilet.
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