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I finally watched friday's show yesterday (long story too long to go into) anyway I fast forward the Nikki/Victor lovefest, I didn't want those two
back together but hey my vote doesn't count. Also Avery smirked all over herself in getting back at Sharon I thought she was going to trip over her smile. I was angry at Sharon the way she did but I've always been in her corner when it came to Nick and Phyllis, while I want to see her punished I hate to see others think they're so high and mighty. Katherine is another one who is high and mighty, she told Tucker she had been so proud of him what I'd like to know is when was she so proud of Tucker, all I can remember is she rating and ranting to Murphy on how dare Tucker treat her precious Victor so mean and Murphy saying that he would love for his son to be there so he could tell him how much he loved him and wanted him and for her to be thankful she had two sons she could do that to, I think Tucker did Sharon dirty and I hope he's punished but Kaye and Devon have no room to talk I am so sick of Kay having a love infatuation for Victor I wish he screw her then maybe she'd get over him. When he abuses Nikki again and he will calling her every name in the book accept her given name Kay will pretend to stick up for Nikki but at the same time she'll be saying "Oh darling you belong with Victor, go ahead and stay with/go back to him he is always right. I hope JG writes a new story with a new twist, either let Nikki and Victor stay together and act decent toward each other or break them up for good.
Let Katherine and Devon fall off their pedestals that they have put themselves on. Don't let Sharon and Adam go back together I can't stand Shadam, let Nick grow up let Phyllis hang her own neck and not have some man to get her out. We know she won't be found guilty of course. And Nick will forgive her, take her back and let her do it all over again and again. Well now that I've tick all of you off with my wishes I'll quit.
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