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I'm still not convinced it's a Dannifer wedding. I know I'm giving TomSell way too much credit but it's just too obvious. Also if it's a Dannifer wedding then it should have been two weeks ago when NB first started back. Her first scene should have been crashing the wedding.
I also think that TIIC must realise it's too soon after Jack's death. it would be the equivalent of Abe getting hitched today. As for MR's tweets, I believe that any tweets on set are sanctioned, if not directed by the show's PR department. I think she has been told to send out those tweets because they know that everyone will start speculating about a Dannifer wedding, allowing them to blindside us later. Of course I might be giving MR too much credit and she really might be just trying to stir shit with J & J fans again. :shrug:
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