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Oct 8 2012, 02:53 PM
I'm still not convinced it's a Dannifer wedding. I know I'm giving TomSell way too much credit but it's just too obvious. Also if it's a Dannifer wedding then it should have been two weeks ago when NB first started back. Her first scene should have been crashing the wedding.
I also think that TIIC must realise it's too soon after Jack's death. it would be the equivalent of Abe getting hitched today. As for MR's tweets, I believe that any tweets on set are sanctioned, if not directed by the show's PR department. I think she has been told to send out those tweets because they know that everyone will start speculating about a Dannifer wedding, allowing them to blindside us later. Of course I might be giving MR too much credit and she really might be just trying to stir shit with J & J fans again. :shrug:
Chloe's first scenes don't necessarily have to be her crashing Dannifer's wedding. She might have arrived during the episodes leading up to it and maybe Dan is already torn between Chloe and Jennifer when he's at the altar. Maybe he leaves Jen at the altar because Chloe is back in town and now he has doubts. Who knows. This wedding could be something that lasts several days even.

As for this being so soon after Jack's death, well since Jen didn't spend even a minute mourning Jack and was back to salivating over Dan practically the day after he died, Dannifer getting married in January seems like plenty of time would have passed since Jack's death for it to be appropriate. Also I have in the past given Days too much credit when it came to them being way too obvious. I've learned my lesson though cause this show is always too obvious. Subtlety is definitely not one of their strong suits, lol.
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