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Oct 8 2012, 02:01 PM
I hate Jennifer so much, and way back in the day, I used to love her. What a stupid, whiny, self absorbed bitch. Her all consuming obsession with Daniel so soon after Jack's death is just disgusting and unseemly and an insult to fans of the character of Jack and their relationship. A new viewer tuning in would never guess that Jack was supposed to be the love of her life, from the way she's behaving with Daniel right now. Just gross.

Lucas/Bryan Dattilo was terrific today. His talk with the boys was very honest and touching. Glad they resolved that conflict quickly and didn't throw Lucas under the bus anymore. I only wish Adrienne had been around to witness it. It would be nice if she or another character would acknowledge that she handled the conversation with Lucas very poorly, but I know they won't.
I have no idea why Adrienne was even brought into this since she was absolutely useless and unhelpful. The only purpose she served was to come across like a judgmental hypocrite. Silly me thought Justin and Adrienne would serve as the wise, experienced mentors to Lucas being parents of a gay son themselves. Instead Adrienne was a total bitch to Lucas and Justin had no role in this whatsoever. Glad Lucas came around after a talk with his mother and zero credit should be given to Adrienne. In fact, I find her to be the last person on earth a parent of a gay child should ever turn to for advice. Unless they want to be ridiculed and called names behind their backs, Adrienne's so called "advice" is worth crap.
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