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Viewing Single Post From: Nicole says Jennifer killed her baby
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 8 2012, 04:59 PM
Oct 8 2012, 04:50 PM
Oct 8 2012, 03:37 PM
Oct 8 2012, 02:56 PM
Nicole is sleeping with a man while pregnant with another man's baby. Nicole is the one who decided to keep lying to EJ that he is the father of her baby. Jen is not responsible for these actions. Whether or not you believe Jen let Nicole stay out her house out of the kindness of her heart, the fact is she didn't have to, but she did. People act surprised that Jen doesn't like Nicole..does everyone have amnesia about how Nicole helped EJ sabotage Abe's mayoral campaign?? Why would she like Nicole? She has no reason to, and she owes Nicole NOTHING...Nicole should've been grateful that Jen didn't kick her to the curb. I find it hilarious that everyone is acting as if Jen owes Nicole something. Why didn't Nicole go live with Daniel?? Oh yea..that's right..he DUMPED her a$$. Why not live with Rafe? Oh yea..he doesn't even want to be with her either...lol this hillarious..I am also a Nicole fan, a huge one..but even I can admit when she is acting like a pathetic idiot and no matter how much I love Nicole, I'm not going to make Jen out to be the bad person here, because she simply is not. Just because Jen called Nicole a few names..that makes her a bad person?? LOL if Nicole is so concerned about her precious baby, why didn't she go live in Chicago with Chloe or something? Maybe go live Brandon? Why did she purposely go live at Jen's house just so that she could go and manipulate her? Why is she sleeping with Daniel and letting her bang her while she's pregnant with another man's baby? That's nasty!
Why do you feel the need to tell is you're a huge Nicole fan. Shouldn't your posts speak for themselves?
I consider myself a Nicole fan but I despise most of what she's done since the first of the year. In fact, it's my opinion they've nearly ruined her with this craptastic storyline. I do think seeing her lose another baby, and particularly so close to her due date, is heartwrenching - but I don't have a lot of sympathy for the position she's put herself in based on her petty need for revenge and her selfish choices. Throughout the pregnancy she's done very little to show she's putting the well being of her child first and foremost and the further the story has gone along the more unhinged and unlikable she's become.

EJ screwed Sami after thinking he'd lost Nicole - and he didn't tell her about it when they reunited for fear of her reaction and the risk that she'd leave him again. So freaking what. In no way did that justify her decision to lie about the paternity of their child and go the extremes she has to cut him from his life. Not only did Nicole risk her presumably high risk pregnancy by piling immeasurable stress on it with her scheming and manipulations - she later began a sexual relationship well into the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy. Once she was told sex was off limits she then set about plotting an entirely new level of scheming to not only keep the secret of the paternity hidden but to also manipulate Jennifer and Daniel to keep them apart. I'm no Dannifer fan and find both of their behavior to be unrootable, as well - but Nicole HAS been manipulating nearly everyone around her for months.

If it weren't for the talent of Ari Zucker I doubt there'd be any saving this character at this point - at least not for me.
Ironically though EJ did exactly as Nicole predicted ran for Sami's twat as does every man not related to her, can't say I would have done the things she's done, but keeping my child away from EJ and especially Sami would be top of the list. I think Nicole knows that EJ will try and give yet another child to Sami, before allowing her to raise the child. EJ has shown himself to be stupid where Sami's concerned much like all of Sami's conquest's.

The Dan sex was purely gross - showing the writers disrespect for the character, the Dannifer mess well is just that a mess. Nicole didn't manipulate Daniel or Raffe, Rafe did his part for selfish reason's to get back at EJ. Daniel well honestly not sure why he did it, he didn't like Nicole and he could have blown her out the water. Nicole DIDNOT manipulate him into helping switch DNA results that was HIS choice. As for Jen she need to climb down off her pedestal and grieve for her husband and get the hell out of Dan's business. So the only person Nicole has truly manipulated is EJ, and Sami with the picture of her and Rafe but in the scheme of things Sami deserved that and more.
EJ didn't run straight back toward Sami after finding out Nicole was pregnant. He spent months begging Nicole for another chance and even told her he'd raise the baby if it was Rafe's - he just wanted her back. Nicole couldn't see past her own petty need for revenge or her jealousy. Asking EJ to leave Salem (and his kids) to prove his love to her was proof of that. There was no indication ever that EJ would have wanted Sami to help him raise the child he shared with Nicole - in fact, EJ and Sami never got close enough for that to even be a consideration.

I agree that Nicole did not manipulate Rafe into claiming paternity and hasn't manipulated him the entire way through. But when it came time to switch the test results Nicole turned on the tears and the pleading with Daniel - and my take on part of their initial sexcapades was that Nicole was trying to lure him in to keep him on her side. I remember there was a big deal made by people here on the board when she gave a sneaky little smile while hugging him after finding out that he allowed the switch to go through - there were many Nicole fans hoping it meant she was playing him rather than actually wanted him. That was the way it seemed to start - and it was actually more palatable than watching her become the pathetic, needy interloper into the Dannifer relationship.
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