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Oct 8 2012, 06:05 PM
I've watched DAYS for years as well, and no way imho, is Jennifer cold, selfish, uncaring or pretty mean. I Don't get it!
Cold = the way she's treated Jack since his latest return. I will never forget her telling him she wanted to be with a happy man. Seriously? He was held captive and tortured for a year...and she was aware of this when she actually said these words to him.

Selfish = Jennifer stringing along two men pretending that she needed time to make a decision when, at every turn, she was all over Daniel and acted like she couldn't get away quick enough whenever she was around Jack.

Uncaring = Making Jack jump through hoops in order for her to even consider getting back together with him. Where was all her care and concern when he needed her? He was suffering and needed love, compassion and patience. She gave him none of those things.

Mean = Kissing and hugging on Daniel in front of Jack. Remember the Horton Christmas when Jack was standing right next to her and she kissed Daniel and she actually asked Jack what he was doing there.

I can think of many more examples but these came first to mind.
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