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Oct 8 2012, 05:46 PM
Oct 8 2012, 05:03 PM
Is the Parker paternity reveal such a big deal anyway? It's not like when Dan was marrying Chloe and found out he wasn't the father. No-one's being deceived. I presume the epi they're filming today is the one KA was gushing over the other day, I would have expected something more dramatic. If they really wanted to rock the Dannifer boat, they would have been better bringing Jack back and that would have caused real angst. But again I'm over-estimating TomSell's power to shock and awe.
I do think the Parker reveal will be a big deal to Dan, the fact that Chloe actually cheated on him with an ex and then the fact that Parker
a baby he named after his "mom" was his son-in-laws rocked his world. I predict we will see lots of drama when that is revealed
from Dan & Jen too
I remember when Jen first stated hanging with Dan she had a scene where she was jealous of Chloe's beauty
so if they are now connected by a child I can see Jen being jealous of Chloe again
Wonder if Jen-Jen will still be Bat Shit Crazy by the time of the wedding. Or if Chloe's presence will send her off the deep end again. Wonder if she'll be frothing at the mouth the way she is over Nicole, ranting how much she hates Chloe and how evil she is and how she's going to Ruin Daniel's Life. Wonder if Vera Wang makes straitjackets as well as wedding gowns.
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