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Oct 8 2012, 01:08 PM
Oct 8 2012, 12:57 AM
Sh*t! That was a DISASTER! The actresses were just stuttering throughout their dialogue. They sounded like they were reading cue cards. No one had any chemistry. Truvy didn't have any charisma, Anelle wasn't weird enough, Queen Latifa wasn't overbearing (more like blah), Ousier wasn't funny or b*tchy. I could go on. The only half-way decent casting decision was Clarice. Lifetime has produced better films ("Return to Blue Lagoon" or "A Mother's Nightmare"-the film were a girl drugs her boyfriend and he has no spine).
I completely agree. It completely lack chemistry and the emotions I have gotten from the original movie. I have seen that version a dozen times and still get emotional during it. Part of me thought maybe it was because I was so familiar with the original. But in scenes that weren't in the original movie I still didn't feel any emotion.

I agree. The way Sally Fields played those scenes at the cemetary still gives me the chills!!! Thats what you call emotion!
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