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I take no issue with what you want to say or think about Adrienne that day. Just remember she wasn't the only one who thought Lucas was a homophobe. Will felt the same way and I am taking his side, not Lucas' or Adrienne's. Will's opinion is the only one that matters that day and he thought his father was a homophobe. Maybe you think Adrienne was out of line. That's fine. However, Will certainly wasn't and he pretty much shared the same opinion as Adrienne, even if he didn't say it as explicitly as she did. If you want to support Lucas until the end of time, go right ahead. That still doesn't change the fact that his son thought he was a bigoted jerk that day. I don't think that's in any dispute here.
Where did I mention anything about Will's feelings that day? Was I talking about Will? No I was talking about Adrienne. Will can think or feel whatever he wants. His own treatment of Lucas is a completely different issue. If you are responding to what I said about Adrienne, then fine but I did not even mention Will's feelings or what he thought. I did say that Will is a lucky kid because he is to have Lucas as his father.
Will felt the same way that Adrienne did. So if they both think Lucas was a bigot that day and Will was right to think Lucas was a bigot, then Adrienne was also right to think that. It doesn't matter if Adrienne was a hypocrite that day because she was right with her description of Lucas. You make not like the route she took to reach her opinion; but that doesn't mean she was wrong.
but Will also felt the same way Lucas did? Wasn't he sort of disgusted with himself and fighting the closet..Sonny's words not mine.....he rejected SOnny's advances and this was well after he came out of hte closet....so what is it? It didn't take Will overnight to accept himself, why can't it take Lucas an equal amount of time to see it that way too? As Kate said today....
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