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Oct 8 2012, 09:38 PM
Oct 8 2012, 08:27 PM
Oct 8 2012, 04:07 PM
That would have made sense if Adrienne continued to disapprove of WilSon because she doesn't approve of Will. But notice they had her change her tune overnight and support WilSon simply so she could seem like the self righteous parent during her conversation with Lucas. Suddenly they had her spew crap like one day Lumi and J&A will be in laws so Lucas better get over his feelings, suck it up and move on. What the hell was that about if she was supposed to be one of the disapproving parents to begin with? Basically my point was Adrienne's involvement in this storyline has been pointless and she has come across not as a disapproving parent to WilSon's romance for whatever reasons, but rather as a judgmental, hypocritcal bitch for labelling Lucas as a bigot when in fact we see from today's scenes that Lucas is anything but. Adrienne looks awful while Lucas comes across looking just fine. The only message I got here is if you happen to be a parent of a gay child, don't go to Adrienne Kiriakis for advice cause all she'll do is ridicule and judge you without offering any helpful suggestions.
I could buy what you are saying about Lucas except for the fact that Lucas was a bigoted ass to Will the last time they shared scenes together. Adrienne is not some puppetmaster controlling what Lucas said to her or to Will. She didn't put any words into Lucas' mouth. He uttered them all on his own. Yes, he may have come clean today for his past misdeeds; but that doesn't change the fact that someone watching only those previous scenes from that day between Lucas/Adrienne and Lucas/Will could easily perceive Lucas to be homophobic. Not only that, Will called Lucas on his bigotry, it wasn't just Adrienne. If you want to rail on Adrienne for being hypocrite, go right ahead. However, you can't say Lucas was not a homophobe that particular day when his own son - and the recipient or victim - judged Lucas for his homophobia. I'm on Will's side for that day, not Lucas's or Adrienne's. Ultimately it doesn't matter since Lucas seemed to perform a 180 with his views and attitude today. Is it going to happen again, though?
You see and this is where perception of the scenes comes in...while you thought he was being a bigoted ass I thought he was just displayed a level of discomfort over seeing his son and another man kissing for the first time. I thought he immediately told Will that he wasn't proud of his behavior but he couldn't hide it so he was glad that it was out. I think the part that was odd was Lucas seeking out Adrienne, but bigot? I don't think I saw any of that on the show from Lucas...T yeah...Lucas, no. The show could have played him going to Adrienne in another way that would make sense....maybe have him start the conversation with Adrienne by saying how he felt at seeing Will and Sonny kissing, in other words seeing his son being openly affectionate with another man in public. THEN have Adrienne talk about the counseling her and Justin attended, have her even suggest he should seek out Justin and talk about how it was like for another father to finally come to accept his son was gay. But to call Lucas a bigot for something that apparently she herself had to go through (Heck SHE and Justin went to a support group, right?) then that was just too odd for me.....it's like these writers can't even create realistic angst and the show is so badly paced that a week went by before we even got another scene depicting this so called WilSon 'drama'/'angst' or whatever you want to call it.....I would have loved for Lucas to struggle with it more and maybe he still will and he'll seek out a counseling group....but this show is so bad at telling ANY story that I just can't take anything these characters say seriously anymore.....How can Lucas be a bigot when he's not the only one that has had issues coming to accept his son being gay...heck Will struggled coming out of the closet for how long and even after that he STILL had problems coming to grips with who he is....is that LUcas' fault? NO>...so why couldn't he afford Lucas at least the same benefit he afforded himself....if ANYONE should know how Lucas feels it's Will...
lol and it's hilarious how Adrienne's overnight acceptance of WilSon being together is apparently not an issue (even though it was clearly plot point to try to make Lucas look bad) yet Lucas's overnight acceptance of WilSon still is even though he had a talk with Kate which we saw and it's not hard to believe that his mom helped him see the light. Kate like Sami did not judge Lucas when he went to both of them with his dilemma. They were actually helpful even though neither have the years of experience being the parent of a gay child that Adrienne has. Mrs. "I had to attend a support group to get over my issues but I'll be a judgmental hypocrite to you anyway" Kiriakis was about as helpful as shit. Oh the irony right? And I love the words homophobe and bigot being used to describe a loving father who needed a bit of time and support. Apparently one week was all he needed Salem time and everything is just peachy, lol. The writing most definitely sucks but if we're supposed to take everything else at face value, then I will happily take Lucas coming around in record time at face value as well. No reason for him to be singled out as the big bad bigot of Salem when he in fact has proven that he trumps even Saint Adrienne when it comes to being the parent of a gay child. I say Lucas, Kate, and even Sami should conduct support groups for future parents of gay children who might need help. And I would advise them not to include Adrienne, lol....well unless one wants to be ridiculed and branded at the first meeting. ;)
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