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Oct 8 2012, 06:53 PM
Oct 8 2012, 06:23 PM
Oct 8 2012, 06:05 PM
I've watched DAYS for years as well, and no way imho, is Jennifer cold, selfish, uncaring or pretty mean. I Don't get it!
Cold = the way she's treated Jack since his latest return. I will never forget her telling him she wanted to be with a happy man. Seriously? He was held captive and tortured for a year...and she was aware of this when she actually said these words to him.

Selfish = Jennifer stringing along two men pretending that she needed time to make a decision when, at every turn, she was all over Daniel and acted like she couldn't get away quick enough whenever she was around Jack.

Uncaring = Making Jack jump through hoops in order for her to even consider getting back together with him. Where was all her care and concern when he needed her? He was suffering and needed love, compassion and patience. She gave him none of those things.

Mean = Kissing and hugging on Daniel in front of Jack. Remember the Horton Christmas when Jack was standing right next to her and she kissed Daniel and she actually asked Jack what he was doing there.

I can think of many more examples but these came first to mind.
Cold: Excluding Jack from family occasions like the Horton tree trimming, and acting as if Daniel had more right to be there than the father of her children. The man spent the previous Christmas being tortured in a cave, and she was all set to shut him out, even though their daughter wanted him there. And don't forget how she bitched to Hope about how she hated not spending Thanksgiving with Daniel instead of Jack.

Selfish: Pushing Jack for a reunion before he was ready, then running to Daniel the same day when Jack turned her down and trying to get back together with him, and then, when that didn't pay off, pressuring Jack to reconcile again a few weeks later. This wasn't about Jennifer rediscovering her love for Jack or deciding Daniel was the only man for her, it was about her selfish neediness and inability to be without a man.

Uncaring: Her total lack of interest or involvement in Jack's recovery from PTSD. She didn't want to know or hear about what he'd gone through, and said so repeatedly, insisting that she wasn't the person to fix him. She didn't even offer him friendship, much less love. While Jack was breaking down in Marlena's arms over his British cellmate's horrible death, Jen-Jen was billing and cooing at Daniel, and fussing over how hurt Daniel must be to have seen her and Jack's wedding photo. It's ironic that Jack received more support and compassion from a roomful of vets who'd never met him before than he did from his own wife.

Mean: Jumping down Jack's throat for every little or imagined transgression. Attacking him for being awake when she thought he was asleep, accusing him of stalking her on Halloween night, when he was actually in London with their son and she could have confirmed that with one phone call, screaming at him for taking another journalism assignment only to find out he was going to teach at Salem U instead, and treating him like an interloper when he showed up for the tree-trimming at Abigail's invitation. Never showing Jack any open affection or warmth in front of Daniel while macking all over Daniel in front of Jack. Not even trying to meet Jack halfway when he was knocking himself out trying to find ways to rebuild their family.

The only positive to Jack being offscreen now--I refuse to say "dead"--is that he's not being subjected to Jennifer's selfishness and abuse anymore.

This is why I hate the woman, at the very least apathetic to her. Jack was the only reason I ever liked her, now that is gone, I don't have to bother any more.....not with how she treated Jack this last go around.
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