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Oct 8 2012, 03:37 PM
Oct 8 2012, 02:56 PM
Nicole is sleeping with a man while pregnant with another man's baby. Nicole is the one who decided to keep lying to EJ that he is the father of her baby. Jen is not responsible for these actions. Whether or not you believe Jen let Nicole stay out her house out of the kindness of her heart, the fact is she didn't have to, but she did. People act surprised that Jen doesn't like Nicole..does everyone have amnesia about how Nicole helped EJ sabotage Abe's mayoral campaign?? Why would she like Nicole? She has no reason to, and she owes Nicole NOTHING...Nicole should've been grateful that Jen didn't kick her to the curb. I find it hilarious that everyone is acting as if Jen owes Nicole something. Why didn't Nicole go live with Daniel?? Oh yea..that's right..he DUMPED her a$$. Why not live with Rafe? Oh yea..he doesn't even want to be with her either...lol this hillarious..I am also a Nicole fan, a huge one..but even I can admit when she is acting like a pathetic idiot and no matter how much I love Nicole, I'm not going to make Jen out to be the bad person here, because she simply is not. Just because Jen called Nicole a few names..that makes her a bad person?? LOL if Nicole is so concerned about her precious baby, why didn't she go live in Chicago with Chloe or something? Maybe go live Brandon? Why did she purposely go live at Jen's house just so that she could go and manipulate her? Why is she sleeping with Daniel and letting her bang her while she's pregnant with another man's baby? That's nasty!
Why do you feel the need to tell is you're a huge Nicole fan. Shouldn't your posts speak for themselves?
I have a right to post whatever I want..don't see why you would have an issue with that?? The reason why I stress that I am a Nicole fan, is that most people like yourself, would think that I am not simply because I am chastising her for her latest actions. Yet if you ever read any of my other posts in past months, you would see how I always posted positively about her prior to this recent storyline.....I didn't know that there was some rule that if I claim to be a fan of a certain character, I must always like every single thing that they do! lol come on now that's ridiculous. I'm not going to wear rose colored classes with Nicole right now..if you want to agree with her latest shenanigans, be my guest..but I don't and I am voicing my opinion because its called freedom of speech.
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