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Oct 9 2012, 02:27 AM
My biggest problem with jen is that we are told almost daily about how much she is grieveing jack but she sure hasnt acted like she does. In two episodes we have seen nicole grieve more for her dead son than we have jen grieve jack in two months. She is sickly obsessed with daniel. Nicole and daniel may be wrong for what they did in the dna switch but its none of jens business. Daniel has been clear to jen to back off. But every chance she gets she runs to nicole to tell her how terrible she is for manipulating poor daniel. Then bashes nicole to kayla bille abby brady daniel or and any other human being she comes in contact with. I think even if jen isnt directly responsible for nicole loosing her baby she will show little remorse for her actions towards her. Im sure through nicoles grief her only concern will be that nicole is manipulating daniel into being her friend over her loose. Sorry but the writters have turned jen into a complely dispicable character
That's another problem with this show. They keep telling us instead of showing us. It has more impact when we see it for ourselves but, instead they show them doing the oposite while telling us somthing completely different with the dialogue.

It did look as if Jennifer hardly grieved for her husband because the majority of her screen time was taken up fighting Nicole over Daniel or trying to protect Daniel from Nicole.

I hate when they tell me Sami is a wonderful mother, or that EJ is this wonderful father when a lot of what they have shown does not tell us that.

They tell us who is in love with who instead of showing us. We don't see them fall in love anymore. It goes from us seeing that they like someone to suddenly them being in love, and just in case we are still wondering, they have other characters tell each of the pairing that they are in love with the other. We are left wondering when did, that happen and why have theyfallen so quickly. We don't know what the attraction is, apart from looks, because they no longer concentrate on building characters anymore. The majority of the time it just seems all about sex and nothing to do with love. Even with the Safe romance, I am guessing it is only the safe fans that are enjoying it, but I wish they would write it that everyone could enjoy it. Their romance is not beliveable to me, and it is mainly because of the way they have been writing the Sami character. I don't believe she is capable of loving anyone not even herself. That is what they have shown but, they have the characters including herself spouting the opposite.

It is all just shallow writing. The characters are shallow. Why is Nicole so desperate to have Daniel when he has told her he is not interested so many times, Haven't Nicole been down this road before, and it did not work out those other times. Once again, they have no intereset in giving the characters growth, they remain in the same mind set no matter what life experience they go through, and no matter what anyone tells them or advice they are given. I don't see the point of a character been given good advice, and then they go right ahead and ignore it all, and that is what happens a lot on this show. I like Nicole scheming but, I don't like Nicole looking pathetic and this story line that she is in makes her look pathetic. I want strong independent Nicole back. Once again I hate that they made her lose her baby. It all seems so pointless.
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