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Problem for Chloe and Nicole is that they will never be allowed to outshine Sami with any coupling, they will always be considered trash and thrown under the Sami bus. Corday's loves AS and will keep her happy which means any pairing that might outshine hers will be thrown under - examples - Ejole (EJ and Nicole are made from the same mold they are interesting together and great as accomplices to each others schemes). Danloe (SC only good pairing) - the Parker Reveal had a great group of characters in it and the storyline was picking up speed, just as it was at the height of the storyline they scattered the entire group into differenet directions. SH was leaving already but the storyline could have continued without her easily, but instead Dr. Perv goes for Jen, Chloe turns into a prostitute, Phillip leaves town with Parker, and Melanie is sacraficed to the Hernandez Borio. Carly is turned into a drug addict, Vivian gets sent to Bollywood. etc etc etc Why because that storyline was getting more attention and had more of the cast with storyline arcs yet to come out it basically outshined the SAFE sex.
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