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Oct 8 2012, 05:44 PM
Oct 8 2012, 05:30 PM
If this show was going to allow Nicole to have some happiness they would have let her have her baby.

Bringing back Eric isn't going to make up for that great loss. And while they may get the root for writing at first, it's only a matter of time before Nicole schemes or does something underhanded and causes him to turn on her or either they'll write Nicole to be a better and changed person and thats not something I want to watch. I really wish they would have let Nicole and Ej stay together. They really made the perfect match and perfect scheme team.
I remember when Nicole came back, she used EJ as a lawyer for her divorce from Victor and she chose him specifically because he was married to Sami. She was an interloper. The original "perfect for each other and scheming couple" was EJ and Sami, until the writers decided to pair EJ with Nicole. Nicole was always written as EJ's doormat until MarDar. They are the only writers who wrote Ejole as a rooting couple, and who gave Niclole a baby. I'm convinced the baby would have survived under their writing. MarDar giveth, TomSell taketh away.
Writers change and so do storylines, sometimes just by accidentally striking gold, example Carrie and Austin were your rootable couple back in the day. Lucas and Sami were the interlopers not the rootable couple BUT the writers and viewers saw LUMI and they became the couple that everyone wanted to see. Some may not want to admit it but even though Nicole came into the Ej/Sami as an interloper she truly became a real threat when JS and AZ brought on the chemistry. Now they're trying to sell SAFE and no one's buying (well a select few) but not most of the audience so the ratings are showing. But Tomlin will not acknowledge that SAFE is not the best couple on Day's - they can still be a couple but for them to be center is ruining the show. Many couples were not supposed to be the ones the viewers would root for but did, remember John/Marlena/Roman - the story was supposed to be a Roman/Marlena true reunion but instead Jarlena became the it couple. Chemistry and actors is a matter of opinion but Corday and Tomlin refuse to see what's before them and push what's not workiing.

SAFE & Dannifer at this point leading the pack, they needs to acknowledge this or Day's is doomed.
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