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Oct 9 2012, 12:31 AM
Oct 8 2012, 04:31 PM
Oct 8 2012, 02:56 PM
Nicole is sleeping with a man while pregnant with another man's baby. Nicole is the one who decided to keep lying to EJ that he is the father of her baby. Jen is not responsible for these actions. Whether or not you believe Jen let Nicole stay out her house out of the kindness of her heart, the fact is she didn't have to, but she did. People act surprised that Jen doesn't like Nicole..does everyone have amnesia about how Nicole helped EJ sabotage Abe's mayoral campaign?? Why would she like Nicole? She has no reason to, and she owes Nicole NOTHING...Nicole should've been grateful that Jen didn't kick her to the curb. I find it hilarious that everyone is acting as if Jen owes Nicole something. Why didn't Nicole go live with Daniel?? Oh yea..that's right..he DUMPED her a$$. Why not live with Rafe? Oh yea..he doesn't even want to be with her either...lol this hillarious..I am also a Nicole fan, a huge one..but even I can admit when she is acting like a pathetic idiot and no matter how much I love Nicole, I'm not going to make Jen out to be the bad person here, because she simply is not. Just because Jen called Nicole a few names..that makes her a bad person?? LOL if Nicole is so concerned about her precious baby, why didn't she go live in Chicago with Chloe or something? Maybe go live Brandon? Why did she purposely go live at Jen's house just so that she could go and manipulate her? Why is she sleeping with Daniel and letting her bang her while she's pregnant with another man's baby? That's nasty!
I find the fact that you claim to be a Nicole fan ironic, Nicole was wronged by three people in the beginning of this mess. First and foremost Sami who left her husband and her other children "cough" grief stricken to go screw EJ whom she not that long ago shot in the head. EJ whom Nicole asked repeatedly if their was anything else that he was keeping from her and he chose to lie to her on bended knee. Rafe who didn't concern himself about anyone, especially Nicole by getting back at EJ for screwing his precsious Sami. BTW Greif sex is the most disgustiung thing I have ever heard or read of from any show on television. I lost my son a few years ago and I can assure you the last thing I was thinking about was screwing my husband or anyone else. Grief is what Nicole's character looks like when she has lost both her children, Sami's grief is what it looks like to manipulate people.

Now as far as the Dannifer and Nicole situatin is concerned you want to blame someone for how Jen is being perceived by the general audience see below. Believe me I've told them plenty - Dan is a man whore, Jen is a pathetic as a grieving widow (feel sorry for Jack if her grief makes her chase other men) and Nicole well I honestly have no words for how they've written her. What truly appalls me is that the Ejole baby storyline has been about CAFE, SAFE, EJAMI, and now DAnnifer. EJOLE have had no screen time and no interaction. EJ has been written to not give a shit about this baby just chasing Sami's twat, Nicole has been written to rely on two men who have treated her dispicably in the past. So if I'm gonna throw stones I'd say the writers need to be on the receiving end.

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LMAO crazy how some posters on here turn everything into personal jabs..I thought that was against the rules of the board?? Throw stones?? At a fictional character named Nicole Walker on a soap opera..are you serious right now?? LOL Listen..I know the history, you don't have to rehash everything for me..because I could simply rehash all the crummy things Nicole has done to alot of the characters on the show as well. As much as I love Nicole, she is not some innocent person in all of this. She gives as much as she receives. Stop trying to tell me how I feel...you do not know me, nor do you know how many decades I have been watching this show. I can write whatever I want, if you want to disagree, that is fine, but don't claim to know who I am/am not a fan of based on my responses to a SPECIFIC storyline that I see one of my fav characters being written in which I hate. Stop making this about me personally and lets keep the discussion to the characters ok?? Thanks :)
:wow: :shame: Thank you for the deciplinary lesson, glad I gave you such a good laugh. Only stones thrown were at the writers and that much I stated, but then I guess that's just another example of perception. Sorry that you took offense - I'll just stop there. B-)
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