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I think this last episode was far better than most of what we got last season. However, it's still not 100% on par but I'm not ready to pick the season apart yet based on two episodes..

I'm just glad neither Dexter nor Debra are really being sacrificed in this. I feel like they're both in character. Looking forward to Hannah's arrival. Hopefully she injects some life. So far, if anything, the season is a bit boring, though still better than last season.

I also think what's hurting the show is the writers clear lack of investment in any of the supporting characters. I keep waiting for Jamie or Louis to be killed. Quinn feels exhausted as a character. Batista rarely gets anything substantial and never shares screentime with his sister or his ex and boss. I mean, where's the investment? I'm not saying they all need to be leading storylines but I feel like the first few seasons were much better for everyone. I feel like there's not that connection with any of them anymore. Anyone else even feel this way? Or can understand where I'm coming from?
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