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Oct 9 2012, 12:31 PM
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My biggest problem with jen is that we are told almost daily about how much she is grieveing jack but she sure hasnt acted like she does. In two episodes we have seen nicole grieve more for her dead son than we have jen grieve jack in two months. She is sickly obsessed with daniel. Nicole and daniel may be wrong for what they did in the dna switch but its none of jens business. Daniel has been clear to jen to back off. But every chance she gets she runs to nicole to tell her how terrible she is for manipulating poor daniel. Then bashes nicole to kayla bille abby brady daniel or and any other human being she comes in contact with. I think even if jen isnt directly responsible for nicole loosing her baby she will show little remorse for her actions towards her. Im sure through nicoles grief her only concern will be that nicole is manipulating daniel into being her friend over her loose. Sorry but the writters have turned jen into a complely dispicable character
SO MUCH THIS!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer is the one coming off as insane and horrible!!! She's totally obsessed with Daniel & Nicole and that's really all I'm getting out of her here. Dan has told her to fuck off about a hundred times and mind her own business and so instead of reaming him out she trashtalks to anyone who will listen then picks yet another fight with Nicole?! And yet somehow when all this is over she's the one who comes out smelling like a rose? I call bullshit. I REALLY now more than ever wish that this was a precurser to Jen losing her mind. There is no other excuse for her behavior!!
I'm anticipating Jen-Jen will flip her shit even more when Chloe comes back, and she can't demonize Chloe the way she demonized Nicole. Especially if they really are going to retcon Parker's paternity. Because every woman who's known the wonder of Daniel's dong is destined to go crazy when he dumps her for his next patient . . . er, conquest.
she can how chloe cheated on poor daniel and she cheat on lucas[forgetting daniel was half to blame with that ]
Jen-Jen's got a very convenient memory. I'm sure she thinks Daniel only humiliated Lucas because Chloe's hoo-hah cast a spell over him the way Nicole's did. But she won't be able to use the paternity lie against Chloe anymore if Parker turns out to be Daniel's, after all. And I believe I heard that Chloe was as much a victim as Daniel as far as the switched test results were concerned. Of course it stinks that Daniel gets another chance with the baby he threw away like yesterday's trash and the baby's mother. But the idea of Jennifer getting dumped or going crazy at the thought of being dumped is not without its entertainment value. Her "Daniel as God" image is so unhealthy it needs to be corrected.
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