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Leaving aside what you'd do in your personal life, since that's your business, I'm curious about why you think what happened to Mickey was worse than anything else? TBH, I really don't see how that's bad at all. The only person who originally got deceived was given a son and probably wouldn't have traded those moments for anything in the world. Although Mike did get hurt down the line, which is unfortunate, but unavoidable.

I also disagree that paternity lies have been treated as much worse now than they were prior to the ones that affected EJ. EJ went too far by kidnapping Sydney, but he goes too far with everything. And the path that story took is pretty similar to the story that developed from Will's paternity lie.
I think it's worse for family to be all in on a secret like that against another family member.

No, the show doesn't treat it any differently. ;)
As for Mickey, I disagree, but see what you're saying. As for the other point, I definitely remember Mimi getting ripped to shreds by the shelles in particular, and I'm sure by others as well. The majority of the other stories took place before soap forums became popular (and maybe even before any dedicated soap boards existed) or included unpopular people, like Abe, but I don't believe Lucas fans weren't angry with what Sami did with Will, for example. I think it's impossible to accurately gauge and compare the reaction to those stories to these, when never before have so many people had the means to weigh in on the stories.
It's not at all impossible. Many of the stories were recent and didn't garner near the reaction EJ paternity stories do.
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