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I don't care who the character is - nobody has a right to interfere with the relationship between a parent and child. It's not just that this is Rafe for me - I would feel the same way if EJ were claiming rights to a child we all knew was not his. What makes it all the more galling with Rafe is it's not the first time he's done this - and with EJ's kids.

Both Sami and Nicole willing had unprotected sex with EJ. Whether they later regretted doesn't negate the fact they chose to do it and they have no more right than Rafe (or anyone else) to then decide they don't want EJ to play a role in their child's life. In Nicole's case, it's even more hypocritical because right up until the moment she found out EJ had sex with Sami she was happily building a life with EJ. Nothing changed other than the fact that she found out (after the fact) he'd slept with Sami and not told her about it. She evidently found him to be fine father material up until that moment - thus the lengths she went to deceive him about this kid smack of nothing but jealousy. And Rafe entered into the lie knowing full well that Nicole and EJ had a mutual, consensual relationship that didn't end until the truth about the sex with Sami came out. How either of them went on to use that to justify their dictate that EJ should not be permitted to be a parent to his child is where the story fails. Their desire for revenge far outweighed any other concern - including what was best for the baby.
I don't agree with this for the show or real life. If I lose my mind and sleep with some noted criminal whose family has history of losing children (grown or still little) in the crossfires of criminal activity, you better believe I'm going to hide whatever I get knocked up with. Every one of the characters that's been a part of this love hexagon of suck has valid reasons for not wanting their kids near the others and I don't blame any of them for these particular lies. I blame them for lots more things, but the child's right not to be a sitting target, IMO, trumps anyone's parental rights. Especially when they're all prone to giving up their parental rights anyway if the right romantic interest comes along.

Personally, I think what was done with Mickey/Laura/Bill was worse than any of this. Paternity switches have never been the crime of the century until they started involving EJ.
THIS was the only point I was really trying to make. Thanks.
I don't know about that I hated SAmi for lying about will now granted it wasn't as long as lying about EJ but she did lie about it so its really no suprise she would have done it again.
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