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Oct 9 2012, 03:46 PM
If this is what she's doing then maybe they should stop forcing these scenes where they pretend there's some chemistry there and moments like reminiscing about their first date. But this is just a one off line thrown in there. Obviously this isn't about Jack it's about pushing Dannifer back together. If this was about Jack's death and Jennifer's devastation over it then they should've had some moments where she is alone and grieving and stop pretending like their life together wasn't a big deal.
T&W 2 are failing the "show, don't tell" rule. If Jennifer was having flashbacks to Jack's last moments or waking from nightmares screaming his name, I might believe she was haunted by her inability to save him. Likewise, if she was seen crying over Jack's picture or reading his book over and over or wearing one of his shirts or sweaters because she missed his scent, I could believe she was truly grieving for him. But all we see is her running around after Daniel, snooping into his business, and accusing Nicole of ruining his life. From what we've seen and heard since Jack's ashes were scattered, it's all about Daniel, Daniel, Daniel for her.
Her fickle, man-hungry bitch persona is a lot more convincing than her grief-stricken widow one.
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