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I'd agree with you BUT Rafe did make the decision about Grace before knowing EJ so that argument really doesn't stand up completely. He NOW has reason's but his first go round he played GOD.
Because Sami wanted him to and she spoke about EJ as if he was the devil to Rafe. This time he had sufficient reason but last time he gave his word to Sami and she encouraged it
There is no sufficient reason to keep a child from his father. The argument that EJ is a bad father doesn't work because he has been a great father to Johnny and Sydney as of late. And he had no intention of taking the baby from Nicole. In the beginning he only asked her to raise the child with him. Nicole & Rafe had no logical reason to think EJ would take the child. And did Rafe ever consider the well-being of the child? What if the child got sick and needed blood? What then? They never considered what was best for the child. They used that child out of jealousy and spite - neither of which are sufficient reasons to lie about a child's paternity and both are downright hypocritical.
honestly sami should have known better she seen how much damage the truth about keeping wills paternity a secret did.you would think she would have grown from her mistakes then turns around and does the same with sydney
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