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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepthe show
No stories garner the reaction that EJ's stories do, just because for some reason, more people seem to comment on Ej/Sami stuff than anyone else, but that's not the same as a character getting treated more harshly because they stole EJ's kid, imo. It just means more people are invested enough in EJ to weigh in (both for and against the kid-grab as we can see), but that doesn't tell you how everyone feels about the plot line in general. Unless I'm forgetting a story, I think we must have different definitions of either "many" or "recent." I'd put the marker for recent around 2005 and leaving out paternity lie stories surrounding EJ we have-

Mimi/Claire - Got a big reaction
Parker - Same
I don't think Parker was the same at all. There's also Ciara, Melanie, Daniell, Chad. No one really complains about Belle, Bo, Lucas, Cassie, Rex, Carrie, Lexie, Baby EJ, and with those I mean both on and off the show.
Stephanie took a lot of bashing around that time. People thought she was pathetic and the paternity situation was partially why, IIRC. People seemed more confused about why Caroline was even in the story than whether she was doing the right thing. Either way, if you agree about Mimi, my point is made. Ciara does belong on the list, although I don't remember how people reacted either way.

I don't think Melanie, Daniel or Chad the same sort of story as the EJ paternity stories. For one thing, nobody lied about Melanie or Daniel's paternity, so there was no one to get outraged at. Carly did keep her secret, but she was being held hostage, so who could blame her? For another thing, the stories that get the strongest reactions are the ones that the fans watch unfold, so it's kind of hard to compare a story of a newly created adult (Chad) to one where you watch someone actually losing time with their child.

On everybody else, most people (talking off show) don't complain about anything that happened that long ago. And if you're talking about the reaction at the time, then we're back to me being skeptical about comparing reactions of people before/after we had several active forums. On the show though, I think the most telling thing about your list is that he majority of those children were kept from villains. The non villains were okay with it then and they're okay with it now. Stefano was upset about EJ though and there was a while where Lucas would not shut up about Kate lying to him. And Tandrlena were pretty upset about the wonder twins, IIRC. Well, I really don't remember how Marlena felt, but I know Tandre was furious. Everybody was angry with Sami about the Will and Theo paternity lies, too.
I don't agree about Mimi and I hated her. I don't agree about any of them. If I agreed, I wouldn't have made the statement in the first place. I don't think any would give a crap, at least not to the same degree, if it weren't EJ. While some paternity liars might have gotten some hate, the "victims" who were typically more innocent than EJ could we be, didn't get near the sympathy. I think we've taken a very gray situation and done very thin possible to turn it into black and white and I don't think that was done with other paternity lies.

All that being said, I do think this show needs to stop involving EJ in paternity lies. It's old and overdone en for just his character alone. But I don't feel bad for him because he's not some stand up, innocent guy. There are valid reasons to hide children from him and that won't change even if they do 57 more paternity stories for him. But instill have no desire to watch it again. This particular story and its supposed fallout is particularly lame since no one believe the stupid lie in the first place and there were never and still aren't any real stakes.
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