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Oct 9 2012, 09:38 PM
If Sami and Nicole were heroines who made a mistake in getting involved with EJ, I'd understand. However, Sami and Nicole are faaaaaar from being heroines and every bit as conniving and dirty as he is. They willingly slept with him when they conceived their children (in Sami's case when it comes to Sydney). When they're involved with him they glaze over everything he does and side with him and joke about his and the Dimeras' crimial activities. When they don't want him anymore, they say that he's evil and all of the sudden they hide their mutually conceived babies from him.

For goodness sake, Nicole helped him in his mayoral campaign, told him that she didn't care what he did in his Dimera business, forgave him for sleeping with her sister while she was still married to him and living under the same roof, and for being indirectly involved with her mother's deat. All that was ok, but when she found out that EJ slept with Sami (after Nicole served him the divorce papers already signed by her), all of the sudden EJ wasn't worthy to be a father to her child?

And Sami... It was only after she found out that EJ was involved with Nicole, and that Nicole was pregnant too when she changed her tune and all of the sudden EJ was evil. |She told him to go back to Nicole and took off to the witness protection program.

Both women are just as bad as EJ in both deeds and character. They are no angels, and IMO kept their pregnancies hidden out of jealousy and spite. Sami always used her children as pawns with both Lucas and EJ. If Nicole had kids with him she would no doubt do the same. Pot meet kettle when it comes to those three.
:hail: Spot on - the difference with Sami and Nicole though is that the writers insist NOW on making Sami out as the heroine of Day's and never doing/done anything wrong and always EJ's victim thanks to zero hero Rafe. When in truth Sami never STOPPED doing things wrong, now RAfe has not only helped Sami but has also helped Nicole so his armor should be very tarnished. Sami is still the same schemer she's always been, just as is Nicole and EJ is who he's always been. Just wish the writers would stop telling us how victimized SAFE are. Puh-lease.
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