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Oct 9 2012, 02:05 PM
I liked today. AZ was really good, Safe was boring as always but I liked the cuteness of revisiting their first date spot. All in all, it wasn't a bad episode. But I just finished watching General Hospital and I realized what the issue with DAYS is.

I don't think the blame can go solely on the writers but more on NBC for these budget cuts. Seeing CBS and ABC soaps with not just rich sets, but a full ensemble cast, special effects, etc. It's obvious that slicing the budget made telling a lot of good stories difficult on DAYS. That's why I don't think fans should just blame writers. I'm sure they want to do much more but... are restrained! I actually like TomSell's snappy, light sort of writing of MarDar's snozoefest. Plus they gave s cheesy soap flashbacks again lol

Instead of campaigning against writers, fans should petition for NBC to give DAYS more money lol
I don't know about that conclusion.I watch for characters and story.Most of the time I don't notice the sets ,lighting,clothes unless there is some glaring fault.Based on comments I have seen, viewers are turning away because of the writing not the sets,lighting,etc.The reasons I may be moving on is the loss of Nicole's baby and the story with Daniel/Jennifer.
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