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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepBecause all of the people you mentioned have never claimed to be upstanding citizens.
OKay I'll say Rafe the hypocrite would lie in his work ethic alone. He led a one man crusade against Nicole over Sydney but had no problem doing it himself with Grace. But beyond that how about the fact that he covered for an attempted murderer, and is now covering for his sister who by all accounts is responsible for two people's deaths. So the man has blood on his hands indirectly but is more than willing to condemn others for less. Sorry forgot about ANdrew his death is also on Gabi's hands since she hired him.
How exactly is Rafe covering for his sister? The only thing Rafe told her after she confessed to him what she did, was to stop her from going to the police to confess before she talked with an attorney which she did. That is pretty much standard procedure. Not many folks confess to a crime before talking with an attorney first. He even agreed with her that she would have to take her punishment and she did tell Justin everything. As far as Chad and Nick, Nick stepped in of his own accord with Chad and forced the issue of the depositions which Justin accepted, sealed and filed knowing full well what Gabi had done. Rafe had nothing to do with any of that until after it was done. Rafe has no blood on his hands for any of it, directly or indirectly.

Gabi may have hired Andrew, but she didn't make him kidnap Melanie or take her to the tunnels and light a match when there was the odor of gas which led to the two deaths. Should Gabi have reported the kidnapping to the police? Yes, but Andrew did what he did on his own.
Did he ever arrest her for the deaths before getting an attorney for her???? As a police officer when someone commits a crime he is suppose to arrest them. He had no problem arresting EJ for Stefano murder, he had no problem arresting others but when it comes to the Gabi incident he chose only to take her to an attorney not have her turn herself in. Jack and Madison's deaths will be washed under the rug and Gabi's role in it forgotten. Rafe actually at one point said she made a bad deicision but shouldn't have to pay for it the rest of her life. I wonder if Abby, Jenn, Brady would feel this way, the DA was never even given the opportunity to press charges just Justin some depositions about the beat down BUT nothing about the rest. The writers glossed over her crimes with Chad's beat down of Nick. I hardly consider that justice.
Well not only did he not turn in Sami when she shot EJ,he was helping Sami destroy the tape where she confessed so he can hardly slap cuffs on Gabi and take her to jail. No one seemed to have a problem with Roman delaying taking Will before a judge which allowed him to avoid being charged for aiding in EJ's escape.
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