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To who..you? Great, but that's saying that Rafe didn't do it to protect this baby from a guy he doesn't consider such a great dad. And IMO, he's a horrible father, and the sucking black hole of this show, always was and always will be, but that's off subject. It still wasn't Rafe truth to tell, he's protecting Nicole, whether he has his on agenda or not, it doesn't matter to tell Sami without first discussing it with Nicole would have been a betrayal of trust and EJ may walk around screwing people over for his own agenda without caring for others but Rafe has been also protecting Nicole and that baby. Rafe was shocked that they doctor the DNA test and that's just the fact. I don't want to see Nicole and Rafe but I would rather him put his arms around her and show her the empathy she does deserve, screw Dr. Tan.
I honestly may have missed a scene (but I liked Cafe so I hope I didn't) but didn't Rafe tell Carrie before consulting Nicole? Why was he willing to take that gamble in trusting Carrie but not Sami?
Didn't he only tell Carrie about it when they thought the safehouse was going to explode?
That is how I remember it. It was one of those "we are all going to die anyway, so I might as well confess the truth" things.
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