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Oct 10 2012, 08:39 AM
I found this episode rather dull. I was pleased to see Marlena...but the Bo & Hope scenes have been lame..Not necessarily the scenes themselves or seeing them, but Bo's exit story is all kinds of WTF to me and I still don't understand it. Peter Reckell must be pissed!!!

Jennifer is bat shit fucking crazy. This is still what I am mostly taking away from this story. Nicole is BSC too, but she just lost a kid again and we already kinda knew she had a touch of cray cray in her anyway. But Jenn has totally flipped her shit...

LMFAO every time Lisa Rinna appears out of thin air!!! WHY??? Why is she still around? It's so weird! And I don't really recall her and Jen being great friends. And Jennifer going around town telling anyo ne who will listen what an evil bitch Nicole is just makes her pathetic too lol
I agree about the Bo exit story. It is truly a lame way for a long time character to exit the show. For Bo to even think of leaving Hope and Ciara and his mother, who is obviously ill, to sail around the world, is ludicrous-- don't care what the reason is. Surely they could have come up with something better and more believeable than this.
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