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camera shy

Oct 10 2012, 08:36 AM
Oct 9 2012, 07:40 PM
I just read elsewhere that Colin Murphy was mentioned in today's show (and must've skimmed over that part of the recap yesterday). But did Jennifer actually list Colin Murphy as one of the men that Nicole supposedly ruined? Colin Murphy, the man that Jennifer lusted after for over a year until she learned that Jack was right about him all along, that he was a bad guy (and only then did that make her want to reunite with Jack). The man that Jennifer slept with to stop him from killing Jack..and when he wound up dead on NYE was relieved and glad about. And Nicole ruined him did she..she made him work for the DiMera's and want to kill Jack?She can't have been talking about Nicole shooting him because I don't believe anyone ever found out she did it right?

I don't recall nicole being caught for that one either. I think that was just a fuck up in the writing.
The same fucked up writting that had Marlena telling Sami what a good mother she was and how much Nicole's child would need her. Honestly, I bet DH burst out laughing when she first read those lines. This show needs to have every character called on their crap, not just a few. Sonny could have told Will to cut his father a break because he wasn't too thrilled himself to realize he was gay, Lucas could have set Jennifer straight about what a good man Daniel was and Nicole never was really allowed to tell Sami off about the roll she played in ending her marriage. Does anyone remember the old movie, Ten Little Indians? A group of people were invited to dinner party at some mysterious mansion and during dinner one by one all of their big secrets were revealed ......mainly how they had wronged others. That what this show needs, a scene like that. Let someone new come to town knowing all of the character's biggest secrets and call them out on how they had wronged one another.
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