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Shick are definitely a second generation supercouple after Niktor. Don't forget there was a period of ten years where Niktor were NOT together. They are giving shick that long break but undoubtedly Shick are the endgame couple. Nick has compared them to Niktor on several occasions and Sharon has fought so hard to get over Nick that she has ended up with her baby's kidnapper.How many other marriages did Nikki have? She and Sharon are cut from the same cloth which is why I hate how snoody Nikki acts sometimes. Basically MAB tried to ruin Sharon to make Shick look bad and make Nick truly move on from Sharon because all through Phick's marriages and re-commitment(s) Nick was ALWAYS preoccupied with Sharon, trying to save her and longing for her. It wasn't until recently when MAB completely destructed Sharon that Nick has truly been able to let go of Sharon and even hate her. But it's okay, it's their Niktor phase. Phyllis will never have Nick's heart the way Sharon does and that's why he will always forgive Sharon and she will always forgive him.
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