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Because Sami wanted him to and she spoke about EJ as if he was the devil to Rafe. This time he had sufficient reason but last time he gave his word to Sami and she encouraged it
There is no sufficient reason to keep a child from his father. The argument that EJ is a bad father doesn't work because he has been a great father to Johnny and Sydney as of late. And he had no intention of taking the baby from Nicole. In the beginning he only asked her to raise the child with him. Nicole & Rafe had no logical reason to think EJ would take the child. And did Rafe ever consider the well-being of the child? What if the child got sick and needed blood? What then? They never considered what was best for the child. They used that child out of jealousy and spite - neither of which are sufficient reasons to lie about a child's paternity and both are downright hypocritical.
I think the argument that he's not a good father outweighs the argument that he's been good to his kids 'recently'. I can't see how a good father would be fine with having a criminal sleep in the same house with his children. I can't see a good father telling Sami to inform their cancer stricken son that she doesn't love him. I can't see a good father giving Sami custody paperwork to take Johnny away from her when he thought his daughter with Sami had died. I don't think a man that had grown close to Sydney thinking she was his daughter would call her 'that' and throw her out of the house when he thought she was Chad's kid. I don't think being a good father NOW negates some of these actions he's performed less than 2 years ago because any woman who had a kid with him could think that he could easily perpetrate those actions again toward her, or their child. That being said these women knew this about Ej and they still slept with him anyway. Maybe these women should just not open their legs for the guy, or at least use protection. That would ensure that they don't get pregnant and they don't have to hide their kid from the guy to begin with....
Whatever EJ might have done in the past neither Nicole nor Sami had any problem sweeping it under the rug when it suited them. If he was/is such a horrible person then they shouldn't have opened their legs for him in the first place. For Nicole to claim that EJ is a horrible person that is going to take her baby when only days earlier she was singing his praises is hypocritical to say the least. And neither Nicole nor Sami are innocent victims either.
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