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Oct 10 2012, 09:56 AM
Oct 10 2012, 09:41 AM
Oct 9 2012, 09:47 PM
I do want to add, though, that I think some people are reading responses as being either for EJ or for Nicole or being for EJ or for Sami or for EJ or for Rafe. I'm against all of them.
So very true it amazes me that the writers have managed to not have one of these characters that the viewer can say is untarnished by this continued storyline of characters and the hole they continue to dig with them. I would much prefer they actually move them in different directions and maybe just some slight chance someone can be redeemed as watchable.
This so much. I have loved Ejami but I cannot take this merry-go-round any longer. I want ALL these characters to move on and away from one another for a good year or so. Can we please insert Chloe into EJ's orbit or are the writers afraid that everyone will stop obsessing over Ejole and Ejami? :drunk:

I'm so sick of manufactured angst, like Rafe lying about being Nicole's baby's father is actually keeping Sami away from him now? :shrug: Damn, you would think ANY woman would be thrilled but no, NOT Sami, she'd rather do him when she thinks his kid is dead. This is the best the writers could come up with? :frustration: Just stop trying to force this nonsense on us. Safe just has NO story to tell.
t's like the writers think their only option is to keep pitting fanbases against one another, I agree tired of The Ejami, Ejole merry go round. Because of this they've missed opportunities for these characters Jack and Nicole for instance they were always hilarious to watch, I could have gone for them at odds with maybe her being a reporter for his news paper. Actually that would have made for a good storyline of Jack being between Jennifer's jealousy of Nicole around the office. Jenn's character wouldn't be despised by that angle like she is with Dannifer.

I actually enjoyed Dan and Nicole in the beginning as friends when they ;pushed the envelope into preganacy sex is was just disgusting. On the EJ front I'd rather watch him with Kate going against Stefano.

Sami sorry at this point for me she should go off canvas for a while or at least be back burnered for a bit so all her past can be forgotten of some sorts. Rafe should leave town his character doesn't have much to and he is not the new Bo. They should just stop this trainwreck and move on.
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