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Oct 10 2012, 08:27 AM
Oct 10 2012, 08:03 AM
Oct 10 2012, 07:59 AM
Oct 10 2012, 05:55 AM
Really Ej? Using your own baby to get Sami back? That is really very sad and disturbing.
And Nicole is doing the same thing with Daniel. Ej and Nicole are really two peas in a pod. Wish they'd write for them instead of pairing Nicole with St. Eric. ^o)
This reminds me when sami/lucas used to scheme and plot together back in the 90's to break up Carrie and Austin back then i didn't understand why those two didn't hook up instead of chasing after austin and carrie ecspecially sami with her austin obession lol.THats who Nicole/EJ are reminding me of right now lol
It does kind of resemble that but the difference is once Lumi got over their obsessions and finally got to be with Caustin, they realized they really loved and wanted each other. Lumi's Caustin obsession was so much more fun to watch because they were young and crazy at the time. EJ and Nicole are more mature than Lumi were back in the 90's when they chased the wrong people so to watch Ejole chasing others is redundant and ridiculous. Especially EJ who found love with Nicole but still can't seem to let go of Sami. When Lucas finally got to be with Carrie, he was bored out of his mind and dreamed about Sami day and night. He later admitted to Sami that Carrie was boring and he only wanted Sami. And he never went back to wanting Carrie ever again, that was the best part. Lucas let go of any and all infatuation with Carrie after he fell in love with Sami and during that brief time in 2006 when he went after Carrie out of revenge to get back at Sami, he was miserable and was kissing Sami every he chance got, lol. Same with Sami, once she fell in love with Lucas, Austin was history for her. So in that sense, EJ's obsession with Sami is not the same because he cannot seem to let go of her or leave her alone no matter how many times she tells him no and no matter that he supposedly already found love with Nicole. That love should have been enough for him to forget Sami. Lucas should give him lessons on how to let go of your obsession once you find your true love.
That would be a trip if EJ asked Lucas for advice on how to get over Sami.
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