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BJ Deveraux
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Oct 10 2012, 09:25 AM
Oct 10 2012, 04:34 AM
can`t wait to see them cart bitchy jenn away in the paddy wagon. She`s not grieving jack, she`s grieving the fact that somebody else besides her is sexing danny up. That is the only thing she cares about. I agree that missy isn`t phoning it in because she`s done a fabulous job of making me hate jenn`s guts.
Problem is, I'm not sure we're supposed to hate Jennifer's guts. I suspect we're supposed to feel sorry for her because she's crazed with grief over losing Jack and desperate to save another man she cares about. We're supposed to think she's still a good, kind, compassionate person. Unfortunately, due to the shallow writing and MR's inability to play layers, none of that is coming across on screen. We see a shrieking, self-righteous harpy who's obsessing over her ex-boyfriend's love life, prying into things that aren't her business even after being repeatedly told to butt out, and picking fights with a woman who has a high-risk pregnancy. And I'm sure once the baby is stillborn, Jennifer's remorse for his death will fail to translate into anything other than concern for her own skin. She probably won't even feel that guilty because, in her narrow, judgmental mind, Nicole doesn't deserve to be a mother.
ITA, there is not a doubt in my mind that the intent is for the audience to sympathize with her insanity because she is crazy with "grief". So poorly written and acted that she is indeed hateful but that's not the intention. It's as if we should forget her obsession with Dr. Tang and the fact that she treated Jack like dirt in his hour of need.
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