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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

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This so much. I have loved Ejami but I cannot take this merry-go-round any longer. I want ALL these characters to move on and away from one another for a good year or so. Can we please insert Chloe into EJ's orbit or are the writers afraid that everyone will stop obsessing over Ejole and Ejami? :drunk:

I'm so sick of manufactured angst, like Rafe lying about being Nicole's baby's father is actually keeping Sami away from him now? :shrug: Damn, you would think ANY woman would be thrilled but no, NOT Sami, she'd rather do him when she thinks his kid is dead. This is the best the writers could come up with? :frustration: Just stop trying to force this nonsense on us. Safe just has NO story to tell.
SAFE could have story of their own to tell if the writers wouldn't keep insisting on xonstantly always making Ej their only angst.
They certainly could. Give Rafe some beautiful partner to work with or what would he do if Emily suddenly showed up alive? They don't need EJ in the picture. We saw months and months of EJ not giving Sami one damn thought and being perfectly happy with Nicole. Pair up your couples (whoever they are) and send them off into their own storylines. And if you're a writer getting very well paid to write, then you shouldn't have a problem writting good, interesting stories.
I don't remember any Safe story where Ej was not involved, :shrug:
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