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Oct 10 2012, 12:34 AM
Oct 9 2012, 10:14 PM
Rafe grieves for Nicole's baby with her? I can get him being sad for her, but grieve? They weren't even friends when he took the role of the fake daddy and has little to do with her since Dr Dan da man started sniffing around her. I wish the "friendship" of Rafe and Nicole would go back to the left field where it came from. She should have told EJ the truth weeks ago, considering he never once threatened to steal her kid from her. It would have spared us all this stupid tale of Nicole and all her fake baby daddys and her fight to string them all along.
I think Rafe grieving with Nicole makes sense. He was the only one there for her when she became pregnant and unlike Dan, he wasn't trying to get in her pants. Rafe and Nicole's friendship might have come out of left field but I'm pretty sure after all these months that they both care deeply for each other and I think they have a nice friendship. And that's what is so refreshing about Racole, it isn't romantic from either side. They can actually just be friends and hang out without it ever being awkward because they are simply buddies who have each other's back. That's how they were written when their friendship began and that's how they are written even now. No matter what Nicole had going with Dan, she always cared for Rafe as a friend and he cared for her as well. I remember when everyone found out the gang in the safe house were alive, Nicole was there and relieved to see Rafe. They shared a very nice scene together and it wasn't about Sami or Carrie or EJ, it was about them and their friendship. It is so rare these days to see a man and a woman be just friends without it getting complicated by bringing sex or love into the mix. Racole actually have that. Every single scene with them has given off a great friendship vibe that doesn't gross me out because I know I won't have to worry about them jumping each other's bones in the next scene. Now that would have been annoying and contrived. Sure they didn't have any use for each other at one point but circumstances changed and because of that, they are now friends like it or not, lol. And I don't like much if not anything on this show nowadays but the Racole friendship never repulsed me or made me gag. There is nothing wrong with them being friends and it sure beats the hell out of Dan the sleaze managing to sleep with every single one of his female patients and then dumping them like trash when he's had his fill.
You are so right.The Rafe/Nicole friendship is the only portion of the baby story line that I like.I especially like the fact that even though Rafe knows how much Sami dislikes Nicole and as much as he wants to be with Sami,he leaves Sami to go support Nicole because he knows she virtually has no one else.I like the fact that he does not want to sex it up with Sam after seeing Nicole.Rafe shows more compassion for Nicole than EJ who claimed in the past that he loved her.The fact that she lost their baby and his response is to tape what she said while she is sedated after delivering their still born baby then immediately leave her to use the tape to make Rafe look bad makes EJ the biggest pig on the face of the earth.Is this the "bonding" between Nicole and EJ over the loss of their miracle baby son?????If so,I agree with whoever has written that Tomlin/Whitsell are the worst writers in the history of soaps and the show is likely doomed.No wonder Renee,Molly,Peter,and Lisa left the show.Whoever speculated James Scott might be leaving the show is likely right.
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