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Oct 10 2012, 12:52 PM
Oct 10 2012, 12:45 PM
With so many characters missing from the spoilers, it is diffult to see where the show is heading.

TomSell are hell bent on overexposing various characters over a few weeks, then cut cold turkey to show others. Was that their MO the last time? It if it was, I can see if being a huge drawback for fans and fanbases.
This is how the man operates. He continuously uses his select few favorites and forgets about the rest of the cast. The ones that continuously should be interacting never do when he wants to push certain couples. For example less than 2 months ago we had enough Lucas and Sami scenes, in the last few months they are down to 4 scenes simply because he apparently can't tell the "Safe/Ejami" story without isolating other players. He did the same thing in 2009. He was all into writing Safe as the greatest love story ever told and Ej was off with Nicole, they gave Ejami fans virtually no scenes for a good period of time and then just a few after the shooting. Ej wasn't the only one affected, Lucas would come around Sami 10 times in a year, and he and Rafe didn't even share dialogue in their scenes from the moment Rafe got to Salem in 2008 till the moment Lucas was written out in 2010. It's simply mind blowing and he's doing it again. Ej and Nicole can't share scenes while they were trying to make Ejami and Dikki fly....last time Chloe and Brady couldn't share scenes while she was bouncing between lucas and dan.....and he was boinking Arianna.....but I also feel that was more Dena as she loved Nicole and Brady...
At this point I'm truly starting to wonder the last time we all blamed Dena for the mess, then Mar/Dar got blamed. But when the ratings go this bad they have three factors in common that NBC themselves should notice.


Corday loves GG whom he says has bedroom eyes :puke:

Tomlin brought GG on and taylor made the role of Rafe for him to be with Sami :x

SAFE suck but the first two won't accept this and continue to focalize on this couple leaving better pairings left without airitme. At this point I could care less if SAFE are together or not, BUT I do care that they are screen hogs and anything or character to be used to prop this couple. Get them from front burner and tell stories with characters the viewers want to watch.

Basically most fanbases for any of Sami's pairings are done, BUT others we'd like to see happen.
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