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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Oct 10 2012, 03:15 PM
Oct 10 2012, 12:39 PM
I still can't figure out why Jennifer cares so much about any of this, except that she has nothing to focus on and sees other people's problems as something that she help with, much like they have Brady going around town. Jennifer's sudden moral and ethical self vs Nicole's manipulations of Daniel, put her back on her pedestal. Flawless and perfect Jennifer, doer of all good and lover of all man kind. Her actions do not measure up against her dialouge. Recently Fickle and shallow, now caring and obsessed with saving the Dr. Amazing's life and career.

TPTB are missing the needed beats to play out the SL more effectly. These new writers are better but still have lost hold of writing the real Jennifer Horton, not surprising, look at EJ, he's taken the same beating with his character.

Even if I was a Dannifer fan I find their story lacks any substance. Jennifer's sudden concern for Dr. Dicker after Jack's death is just messed up. It does nothing for me. Knowing that Dan still loves her and pretends he doesn't when she comes close to him. Half the town sees Jennifer is in love with Daniel and yet she doesn't see it herself? This is not Jennifer. Jennifer had never been in denial about loving anyone. This is probably the biggest problem for long time fans to like and accept the charcter, new fans could probably swing either way and old fans just want her gone. I do not fault MR, I fault the writers for being unable to create a compelling SL that fit the history of the character.
Jen cares so much because she is Jealous that Dan moved on & took up with Nicole
of all people. I wish she was doing this because of losing Jack but the writers
are writing Dannifer as lovers being kept apart
At least that is what comes across the screen to me
IA, Jen sees Nicole as a self, manipulative, bitch that is not worthy of love or happiness..... maybe she should look at herself in the mirror LOL!

I see Nicole and Jen as BFFs and boozing it up trying to get over Dr. Dicker..... give it 6 month tops!
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