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"I like to be on top, Darling." - John Ross/Pamela

Ok how is that Phick are soulmates? they started an affair while both commited to other people? yeah,that's TRUE LOVE alright...NICK then chose to be with Phyllis ONLY bc she was pregnant by his kid,but he still wanted to be with Sharon.SHE'S the one who walked away so Nick settled with Phyllis & his new "family".

I still believe Summer is Jack's imo.

Oh and John and Marlena WERE together before she cheated on Roman ('93) they were Married & Happy ('86) so get your facts STRAIGHT. They are soulmates bc no matter who they were with they still had a STRONG connection.
Why do you think Kristen was always insecure? & went to far lenghts to keep them apart?

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Phyllis? just like when she find out Sharon slept with Billy she couldn't wait to tell Nick so he would feel disgusted and stay with her.Then yeah since he was hurt but already been with Sharon twice that year,he renewed his vows to Phyllis just to ease her doubts.Let's not FORGET how Phyllis cheated on Nick too with Jack!

So now Phick are not soulmates and it's laughable to compare them with Shick.

Shick's relationship was never about sex,lies,schemes.They had issues like every couple but their love was true and pure and lasted for years even when they moved on with other people,the love was still there.

I don't know why Phick are considered like a Golden Couple,bc all they ever did was play video games and have sex.And whenever they were hurt,they kept cheating on each other.

Last year,Nick slept with her sister Avery and her with Ronan.

A year later same SCENARIO,she already slept with Ronan now it's only a matter of time b4 Nick goes back to Avery to get back at her.

Instead when Nick was with Sharon,he only had eyes for her & he cheated WITH her.The only time he really screwed up was with Phyllis.I wanna believe that it's a nightmare bc Nick would never stay with a devious woman like Phyllis.

Sharon has been destroyed too to prop them,made her have many meltdowns so she would look crazy.

The Shictor's s/l that was the last straw! I hope with the new regime that Sharon will come stronger than ever and come on TOP for once! Phyllis needs to be thrown in jail and let her pay for her sins! So sick to see her get away with everything and drag down with her everyone who covers her ass.

JMO. :)
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