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Oct 10 2012, 04:23 PM
Oct 10 2012, 04:13 PM
camera shy
Oct 10 2012, 04:08 PM
Oct 10 2012, 03:37 PM
So for Friday im hoping (better chance baby is alive)

Nicole is heavily drugged
Dan is nowhere in sight
They do not let her hold the baby and if they do its only for a second then whisk the baby off
Well we know she's going to be heavily sedated when EJ's talking to her. But women aren't sedated when they give birth, they need for you to push and all. So it will be interesting to see what happens once the baby is actually born. If she just can bring herself to look at him or hold him, then I would say something is definitely up.
Oh yeah..something is up. Ej will have the little Danny back at his Daddy's house. He is a sick man!
the baby is already dead; it is not as if this incident leads to the still birth.

Why bother go looking for her to confront her about the truth if he already has a plan in place, not to mention EJ ordering the paternity test only to be told the child is dead and then him grieving on his own......for whose benefit would that be for.
All that will be part of EJ's dog and pony show. The spoiler says he TRIES to be synpathetic....he probably has trouble since he knows the baby is just fine. The grieving alone remains to be seen. Will they show him grieving or will he just not do it and say he did? That will be a major red flag if we see no emotion out of him at all.

Also the bringing of the tape recorder and tricking Nicole to tell him stuff does not sound like a grieving father who just lost his son. For a normal dad that would be the last thing on their minds. So he either has the baby or he is one cold hearted fellow.
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