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Sammie Jo
Oct 10 2012, 03:14 PM
Victor was winning long before MAB came along, and he might lose for awhile, but in the end he'll win.
I would think he would get all the shares back that Tucker bought up, and while sharon only knew the names of two of the shell co's, I would bet if the SEC leans on Sophia with a threat of jail time as an accomplice, she'll give up the names of the other co's.
She is an accomplice, she is setting up shell co's knowing what they are for, no way would I do that for any boss, the job isn't worth a fine or jail time.
Gen's shares should also be forfeited since she got them as part of a conspiracy and she was hiding Victor from his family.
There's a lot of ways Victor could get his company back, besides, where are all the people who claim to know that EB has it written in his contract that he always wins, if that's true, new writers still have to honor a contract! :biggrin:
Genevieve got immunity from the SEC. She gets to keep her shares. Eric Braeden just renewed his contract. I seriously doubt that Sony will have a clause that he gets to win every time considering that they were thinking of letting him go a few years ago. He won't get paid anywhere else for the money he makes on Y & R. I would imagine that he probably took a pay cut too.

Newman might not have the money to buy back all those shares anyway. One thing is not really clear to me and that is whether Tucker gave BON to Victor or sold it to him. If he sold it, that cost some serious dollars and they could be a little short on cash right now. They already said they would reimburse shareholders who lost money or something to that effect.

Who knows what will happen to Tucker's shares. Sharon only testified against Tucker not Sophia. Those shell companies will not be easy to find and Sophia is very loyal and not only that but she stands to gain alot as I think he used her name to put them in. If you remember, she kept saying that if anything happens; she could get in trouble and not him. She ain't giving up nothing cause she got too much to lose and everything to gain.

It will be interesting to see what happens but I for one am sick and tired of the days where Victor always wins. And I am not the only one. It's funny cause the new writing supposedly starts Friday which is the day that Jack makes his big announcement. Hopefully, a sign of things to come.
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