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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oct 10 2012, 09:26 PM
While I get the humour in Sami wanting to have "deadbabysex" with Rafe after she finds out Nicole lost her child, I don't see anything vile or outrageous about it when you consider that Safe are a couple. Sure sex at this moment doesn't seem appropriate but at least this time she's not cheating on anyone and it's not like Nicole would be offended if Safe got it on because her baby died.

What I find more offensive than Safe who are together almost having sex is the fact that EJ, the baby's father, doesn't waste any time using his own dead baby as a means to get into Sami's pants. Why the need to tape a confession from a vulnerable, helpless, and sedated Nicole? Does this man have absolutely zero decency and compassion for the mother of his dead child and the woman he supposedly once loved? I realize that might be a rhetorical question but I guess not because his one track mind to Sami's vagina is all that matters to him. "My baby's dead? Great, let me get Nicole to confess so I can expose Rafe for the liar he is and maybe then Sami will boink me." Yeah that I find vile and much more so than whatever Safe are doing.
It doesn't sound to me like he tapes Nicole's confession to get in to Sami's pants, but rather to get to the truth and confront Rafe with it. And I certainly don't blame him for that. EJ's been saying from the beginning that Rafe and Nicole were lying and that once again Rafe was trying to steal one of his children. Once he gets the proof of it only makes sense to me that he'd go confront Rafe with it.
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