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Overall thoughts:

SAFE- I hope Sami being upset with Rafe means they're going to be over. But if they do end things, what the hell was the point of enduring this contrived reunion that made no sense in the first place? They argued, had a few dates, got back together, & now might break up, all in a matter of a few weeks? Seeing EJ & Rafe fight over Sami like she's a piece a meat was dumb. Not to mention how pathetic Sami has been lately- being okay w/ getting back w/ Rafe even though he was in love w/ Carrie, okay with being lectured by Rafe at the safehouse, okay with Rafe being the father Nicole's baby & even offering to help him lie about it, & next week the almost SAFE sex. UGH! And we had to endure the convos where Brady, Will, Marlena, & Nicole all talked to SAFE about their feelings for each other. Waste of time. Whatever. I just want SAFE to end- preferably permanently, but I doubt that's going to happen.

Nicole, Dannifer, EJ- I don't like how Nicole's baby is being used as angst for DANNIFER or a plot point in the EJ,Sami,Rafe drama. I don't care if Daniel doesn't know who to believe-Jen or Nicole- about what happened during their fight. Or that Jen is going to look like a victim to the viewers by going to jail. Once it's revealed Nicole knew the baby was already dead, then everyone in salem will feel sorry for Jen, hate Nicole, and vomit inducing Dannifer will probably be together. Jennifer sucks! And EJ should be mad at Nicole for lying about the paternity & I do want him getting payback, but I kind of think he should at least be a tad sympathetic for Nicole since he knows how badly she wants to have a baby & that she carried his baby almost full term & then lost it (EJ was the one that betrayed Nicole w/ the EJAMI affair after she was dedicated to him & his mayoral campaign) but then again I can understand EJ being angry too. I'm sure we'll continue to see Nicole have meltdowns over the next few weeks. But I do look forward to Eric & Nicole scenes. I just want Nicole to be with a guy that treats her like a priority.

NABI/WilSon- We haven't seen much of NABI, but so far i like them. Just need to see more scenes- it seems like they've only had about a total of 15 mins of airtime together. How does Nick not know Will, his relative, is gay? As far as WilSon, I'm not liking how they're being written as two vanilla characters in a Jr High-like romance. But then again the SAFE scenes we've seen lately have also been childish. Do these writers not know how to write romance that is interesting/exciting to watch? But I don't see chemistry for Safe or Wilson anyway. And what was the point of T, Brian, or the disapproving parent stuff? Not to mention we saw Will go from pulling away from Sonny kiss, having sex with Gabi, feeling insecure/unworthy, to having feelings for Sonny, to making out in public w/ Sonny in a matter of a few weeks. Whatever. Maybe the possible WABI baby story will be good.

Kristen/John/Marlena- Given how the other 'triangles'- EJ/Sami/Rafe and Dan/Jen/Nicole- have been going, I am worried that Kristen/John/Marlena won't be written that well. But at least it will be refreshing to see a new trio and it will be good to see Kristen! We saw EJ & Rafe fight over Sami; Jen & Nicole fight over Daniel; so I assume we'll see Marlena & Kristen fight over John. I'm okay with that though. But I really hope there's some good story for Kristen and that John/Kristen aren't thrown together too soon. I hope to see some good scenes between EJ, Stefano, and Kristen too.

From what we've seen so far from TomSell, I feel like these writers don't know how to write good romance or angst for duos & throw them together in a matter of a few weeks- Safe, Dannifer, WilSon, Nabi. At the moment, there's not any duos that I'm really excited to see or truly want to root for. Also, where are the storylines? For weeks we saw several random/ pointless interactions & characters talking about their feelings; too much time spent on Nick's parole & Melanie's exit; there's been so many random plot points & inconsistencies; and most characters are used just to prop duos. I really can't remember anything interesting I've seen in about the last 6 weeks. The current 'drama' & yelling has just been blah. Not to mention the 180 character changes. I still don't like how we're supposed to forget everything we saw the last year or all of the flashbacks. I just feel like TomSell think the viewers are idiots and expect us to forget what we saw the day before or that we aren't capable of handling a good long term, consistent storyline. More so, I doubt TomSell are capable of writing an interesting, long term story. Maybe it will get better starting in late Oct. and for November sweeps, and I can go back to watch whole episodes, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high!

Wasn't planning on writing so much, but I feel better! :soapbox:
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