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Oct 10 2012, 08:06 AM
Well, you also have to remember, early on, to be quite frank only a few celebrities stood out and he WAS good. I think if he and Cheryl were together, he'd be doing much better. He and Anna haven't clicked until this week. He's kinda upset and I don't blame him. He was much better. I still thought he and Helio would go. Kinda sad that this season is so easy to predict when it shouldn't be. I think Emmitt, Shawn and Apolo are by far three of the most popular winners and I'd say have pretty good fanbases. Gilles, Melissa and Kelly are huge wildcards right now. I'd rather see any of them outplace Bristol for sure but I'm just ignoring her results, assuming she'll be here forever and ignoring her when I make exit predictions. LOL. She's not terrible. I don't hate her this year, but I think casting her was a mistake. Same with Pamela. Drew and Helio won with better partners (nothing against Anna, who I love and Chelsie, who's good but no Julianne), so ... Emmitt needed to be better this week and he was. I still say he has a huge fanbase along with Shawn and Apolo. I want to say Kirstie does too but hell, apparently Bristol can beat that one out. I might have missed it but were the two in each bottom two THE bottom?

PureDWTS website has a fun read every week where they break down the numbers and explain who needs what to survive. Not perfect, of course, but it really doesn't take much for Bristol to keep outlasting everyone.
I'm not even sure that if he was with Cheryl he would look good. He just moves so awkward to me and I never cared for his freestyle that gets so much praise. And then to make matters worse he seemed to have such an attitude problem, especially when it came to comments about dancers being better in later seasons. Which is true, I think.

Hopefully Bristol goes soon, but I'm basically ignoring her, though I'll say she has made great improvements from her last time on the show. She barely moved before. I look forward to seeing just about everyone else, and have been pleasantly surprised by Val and Kelly, and even Melissa and Tony. It should get really interesting as the weeks go by.

I don't really want to hear dancers or judges complaining about who should remain and who should go if the show freaking leaves it up to the viewers to decide. They should know that people don't always vote based on who is the best dancer. That's just the way it is unless they want to change the rules.
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