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I do too. I really like her. I actually like all of the teens for the most part but at the same time, I could take all of them or leave them. I do like Alice though. And Abi. I have a love hate relationship with Lucy. I think the Ian/Lucy scenes are always awesome and play to both very well. I think they all have different things they bring to the table, though I'm not sure what to make of Abi. She and Alice seem similar, though like I said, I'm a newer viewer and only know that Abi seems nice and was interested in Jay. I'm a couple weeks behind (damn job! and life! lol, J/K) but aware of the important things. Gotta catch up. I can get YouTube on my TV (through my DirecTV receiver, though my blu-ray player has a youtube app) so yay. Quality's pretty good, too.

BTW, if any of you have that capability, totally take advantage of it! I've been watching Sunset Beach and Passions (I'd watch other soaps but these both have nearly their full runs on YouTube) that way, too.
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